Unjustifiable Means: The Inside Story Of How The Cia, Pentagon, And Us Government Conspired To Torture

The Shocking Truth Exposed – Unjustifiable Means: The Inside Story Of How The CIA, Pentagon, And US Government Conspired To Torture

The title alone sets the tone of what you will find in the book – Unjustifiable Means: The Inside Story of How the CIA, Pentagon and US Government Conspired to Torture. This explosive new book written by New York Times investigative reporter Jane Mayer, reveals methods of international torture used by the US government and its intelligence agencies.

Behind the Scenes of US Government-Sanctioned Torture

The new book shines a light on the brutal interrogation tactics used on alleged enemy combatants in the war on terror. In particular, Mayer uncovers the role the CIA, Pentagon, and US government played in the systematic use of torture on prisoners of war, and how the US administration purposefully tried to hide their actions.

Testimonies from Victims of US Government-Sanctioned Torture

Mayer draws on a wealth of information from those behind the scenes, such as retired CIA officers, military officials, and victims of government torture. Through these eyewitness accounts, Mayer paints a sobering picture of what goes on in the shadows. Not only does she narratively chronicle the use of illegal torture tactics, but also examines the implications of these decisions in terms of international law, morality, and human rights.

A Reflection on US Government Ethics

The stark revelations in Unjustifiable Means prompt a hard look at the ethical quandaries torturous government policies create. Mayer raises questions such as: What are the long-term effects of government-sanctioned torture on those subjected to it? Is it legally justifiable to inflict suffering and pain out under the banner of “intelligence gathering”? And what does this say about the nation that chose to use such measures?

Finding Answers in Unjustifiable Means

This book is certain to leave you with a lot of questions. As Mayer’s book dives deep into the roots of US-sanctioned torture, you’ll have to ponder the implications of it all. Do we really have the answers? Unjustifiable Means might just be the book to provide them.

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